We had the privilege to collaborate with BHUMMATSS Organisation, a non-profit, non-governmental and non-partisan organisation which was established on 18th May 2014, by the families of Bhutanese Martyrs and Torture and Trauma Survivors in South Australia and around the globe.
The chairperson of BHUMMATSS approached us with the visionary idea of publishing and preserving their compelling stories and reveal the reality behind the evolution of democracy in Bhutan as well as to celebrate the lives of these unsung heroes and salute them for their priceless sacrifice and contribution.

In leveraging the capabilities of WordPress, we successfully translated BHUMMATSS’s vision into a tangible digital asset. The website now stands as a dynamic testament to the potency of storytelling, serving as a platform for survivors and advocates to share their unique journeys. We’re immensely proud to have been part of a project that amplifies voices and fosters inclusivity.

Our team worked tirelessly to ensure that the website was not just functional, but also aligned with the core values of the Organisation.

Key Project Features:

– Utilization of WordPress CMS for seamless content management.
– Integration of storytelling elements to facilitate easy sharing.
– Harmonization of aesthetics and user-friendly design.
– Comprehensive guidance, encompassing hosting and deployment.